This is an experimental wiki attempting to sort out various herbs, spices, and flavors that are made from plants. The idea of this wiki is to sort the less common spices where it can be difficult to find the botanical species, sources, and detailed information about them in the English language. This wiki will also act as a location to place subjective information about what spices taste like, and how they can be used in an experimental culinary way. This wiki is currently edited and ran by the creator, Mete, and his close friend Akiko. All information featured here is vetted and filtered through the two of us, as we navigate and find detailed information on spices that are currently difficult to source and research.

This wiki is inspired by the Gernot Spice Index and will attempt to cover territory that is not covered completely in that index. We are also interested in taking a less formal tone as it will feature remarks about our experiences with these spices.
The start of this wiki comes from this image (A screenshot from this1) Chef Wang video) where me and Akiko had a conversation about how difficult it is to sort out and understand Chinese spices from the perspective of English language speakers. We decided to sort out the spices featured in the video and decided maybe it would be good idea to do the same thing on a larger scale and make a wiki of it.

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