Cardamoms- Essay on the complexity of the various genera of cardamoms (Aframomum, Alpinia, Amomum, and Elettaria)
Florals- Floral flavors that are made from flower water and other methods.
Conifers- which are edible??
Seaweed- an essay on the various edible seaweeds (all of them are edible!)1) 2) 3) 4)
Edible Ferns- List of Edible Ferns
Magnolias- from floral to spicy an anise like, magnolias have some complex flavor profiles.
Citrus- a magnificent amount of flavors come from the citrus family.
Mustards- or should the name be brassica?

Energy Drinks-
Propagating Citrus- A brief guide for propagating citrus.
Starch- A simple guide on the different types of plant based starches and what makes them different.
Liquid Smoke- Making a better liquid smoke in a bottle.
Smoke- What kinds of woods can be used for their flavorful smoke?
Barrels- what kinds of wood are used to make wooden barrels for aging alcohol?
Fermenting Acorns- Can alcohol be made from acorns?
Toxicity- At which point is a compound found in aromatic plants considered toxic to eat?

Essential oils, the ways to use them like spices and the possibilities
What is a Cocktail?- Here I detail some flavor experiments in cocktail making
Synthetic Wine- Can wine be made that has better material properties than the current wine?
Synthetic Citrus Juice- synthetic shelf stable citrus juices such as lime juice and lemon juice.
Synthetic Urine-

Essays in the works

Spices not from plants? understanding meat, mushrooms, and minerals used like spices. 5)

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