Cardamoms- Essay on the complexity of the various genera of cardamoms (Aframomum, Alpinia, Amomum, and Elettaria)
Florals- Floral flavors that are made from flower water and other methods.
Conifers- which are edible??

Starch- A simple guide on the different types of plant based starches and what makes them different.
Liquid Smoke-
Fermenting Acorns-

Seaweed- an essay on the various edible seaweeds (all of them are edible!)1) 2) 3) 4)
Edible Ferns- List of Edible Ferns
Magnolias- from floral to spicy an anise like, magnolias have some complex flavor profiles.
Citrus- a magnificent amount of flavors come from the citrus family.
Mustards- or should the name be brassica?

Essays in the works

Spices not from plants? understanding meat, mushrooms, and minerals used like spices. 5)

Essential oils, the ways to use them like spices and the possibilities

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